It has been rightly and greatly saying in the past that knowing in detail about the product/service of a brand is indeed winning half the battle. And Go Wash leaves no stone unturned in getting all their clients, and beloved patrons and regulars acquainted with their new product, the all-new Ceramic Wash. Everyone’s favorite auto detailing service in the city has always carried forward its tradition of pioneering services for its customers, leveling up the products and services provided. And they are doing so with this brand new product in their roster.
          The other half of the above-mentioned battle is won by trust and faith in the quality of the service and product of the company to always have the back of its customers. And Go Wash has been doing so with research, practice, and product delivery. Now, answering the most basic and the first question asked, “What does a Ceramic Spray do?”. To put it simply, w
hen we are going to professionally ceramic coat your automobile, our detailer will apply a layer of ceramic-based chemical polymer solution that adheres to your car’s paint and adds protection against the outside elements such as water, dirt, and other debris.

          One would of course always ask why is this better? Why is this better than the more regular coat of wax opted for by most automobile owners? And why the Ceramic Spray on its own as a better and superior product to be chosen from our roster when calling Go Wash to your doorsteps for our superior service at affordable costs? Well, the answer is simple and easily explained to you all, our clients and patrons thus.
          Firstly, Ceramic coatings or protectants provide higher durability compared to its competing product, i.e. Wax. It resists heat, UV Rays, environmental contaminants, and harsh detergents much much better than the other. Also, unlike ‘Wax’, which just sits on top as a coating, our Ceramic Spray forms a chemical bond to provide better and higher quality protection to the surface of your automobile that you hold dearest. Secondly, a good quality Ceramic Spray like ours lasts up to 12 months, providing a consistent level of protection to the paint surface of the automobile through all this period, thus saving your general overall cost, yet providing quality with the overhead expenditure. This product is the better choice as it is affordable and easy to work with, compared to the other.

          In almost all cases, the Ceramic Spray is absolutely worth the price and being made your preferred go-to choice as it provides great protection against contaminants and minor scratches, and at the same time making it easier to clean up your favorite toy. Our product is designed specifically to feed your belief of a perfect solution towards protecting your car’s paint, and with great results. Thus, keeping the faith of our customers, in providing quality service and pioneering technology, which is the Go Wash way. 
          An old saying says that focusing on small things collectively provides great dividends in return, and our Ceramic Spray is that small thing, a product that lives up to a great customer experience, and provides even greater results to your automobile. Come try out the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of our team. We promise nothing but satisfaction with it.